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RAFFLE Airplane ticket to the Philippines

Send your Balikbayan boxes with us from now until the end of December 2014 and win a free plane ticket roundtrip to the Philippines to use in 2015 or later.
Shipments: September , October , November and December 2014.

The draw will take place on Saturday 10 January 2015 on the Kababayan New Years Party in Sint-Eloois Vijve on the base of all Box numbers.

Kies uw taal / Choose your language / Paki-pili pô ng iyong lengguwahe. / Palihug ug pili sa imong sinultian.

We zenden uw dozen naar de Filippijnen

We send your boxes to the Philippines

Ipapadala pô namin ang inyong mga kahóng karton patungong Pilipinas.

Ipadala namo ang inyohang mga kahóng karton paingon sa Pilipinas.

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